Friday, March 18, 2016

Mass Media Introduces Artificial Pause In Mass Shootings, ISIS- to Focus On Election Campaign

Breaking news, did you notice there have been no crisis actor mass shootings sucking up all the news attention over the past several weeks? And not even one major ISIS psyop front page story? Like Ebola in 2014 and the recent Zika virus failed psyop, these stories have conveniently gone away at least for now and perhaps only for a short while while the media focuses on the election campaign.
ISIS, often portrayed by Western media as the most powerful, most evasive, most mobile and most versatile military fighting force ever to step foot on planet earth is apparently so good at what they do that they even know how to be respectful of U.S. politics and events (pun intended).
And the mass shooters of the world, who always seem to schedule their shootings on days that the U.S. federal agents have simultaneous "drills", also seem very respectful of the U.S. political race. All the fake Adam Lanzas of the world and the San Bernardino-style ethnic couples who magically morph themselves from "3 white tall males" in military gear back to their natural selves seem to know that scheduling a mass shooting would be disruptive of other big evens like scheduled presidential debates and key campaign races.

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