Saturday, March 19, 2016

Establishment Empire

An empire is a hierarchy, that is, a pyramid type military structure that is controlled at the top by a unitary command structure.
This command structure is typically comprised of one person who functions as a King, that is, a complete dictator with several key “generals” surrounding him.
This secret structure is actually a hidden leftover of the European system of Kings and Queens but for the most part it has remained hidden in plain view from all those except those who are in its top circles.
Those who live under this Hierarchy of Pyramid of Control (POC) and its authority usually do not understand the specifics of this Hierarchy or who actually serves as the top ruler of the Hierarchy and runs this system, but they are nonetheless controlled by it and recognize that if they go against the rules they will fall from grace and pay a stiff price.
The Talking Heads of the Establishment’s News Cartel mind-kontrol the masses that consume their lies, false-narratives and establishment propaganda.

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