Saturday, March 19, 2016

America’s Mass Apathy And Self-Destructive Fatigue Brought On By Chemically-Laced, Nutrient-Depleted Junk Foods And GMOs

There are a lot of folks walking around in a bleary-eyed state of perpetual fatigue and an I-don’t-care-what-happens mentality. Chances are, you’ve witnessed these people yourself. They roll their eyes as if to indicate that they’re perfectly at ease with anything that happens around them, uttering trite sound bites like “whatever,” or “I can’t do anything about it anyway.”
Do you ever wonder why so many people exhibit such blatant nonchalance? Why is there so much apathy?
Well, experts now suggest that there’s a scientific explanation behind such blase attitudes, and guess what? It has everything to do with the junk food diets Americans consume, from the GMOs we eat, to the chemicals that we’re told improve crop quality, supposedly without posing a threat to health.

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