Monday, February 8, 2016

Smile You Just Lost Super Bowl 50

The image above shows Cam smiling after his Super Bowl loss. In my opinion Cam laid down during the game. One thing that was unreal was when he did not dive in for a fumble recovery near the goal line. That showed me that he did not desire to win or was he paid off? The NFL has become the WWF. Scripted and staged?

Who knows for sure. Save your hard earned cash and side step the NFL.

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Anonymous said...

Common sense would indicate the 'fix' has been in for at least decades. Our mafia government leads the pack with all manner of corruption, the smaller mafia's have paid attention & followed suit. Think of the staggering sums bet on the 'hyper-bowl' & you have your proof. Just like the Vegas Casinos, the outcome is never in doubt, big bucks won't let it be random. I watched the Ali vs Jimmy Young fight. It was clearly fixed & I quit watching boxing. I extrapolated this to all other major sports & concluded they were all fixed too. Fixed sports suck, haven't watched ANY since 1976. fw