Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Political Establishment CHEATED – Stole Iowa Caucus From Donald Trump!

Donald Trump came in second place last night in the Iowa Caucus… but expectations were that he could win. However, more evidence is being revealed that shows Donald Trump had the deck stacked against him by the political establishment.
First, there were concerns about Microsoft being in charge of counting the caucus votes. Now, it appears in many precincts, the voting process was wildly disorganized. Biased judges and the ability for repeat voting ended up with many Trump supporters who were new to the process very frustrated with the political establishment’s inability to run fair caucus votes.


Trevor Amaps said...

Or maybe that many people didn't vote for him. In my caucus in central Iowa, Rubio had 122, Cruz had 105, and Trump had 28. I know and trust several from the group tallying the votes.

extexanwannabee said...

Does anyone remember the anti trust lawsuit brought against Bill Gates and Microsoft several years ago. Why do you think it has been hushed up and swept under the rug? Because Gates is now in the administration's pocket. Microsoft works for the feds now. Windows 10? Nothing but a huge spyware program. I sure as hell wouldn't trust Microsoft to do anything regarding elections.