Saturday, February 27, 2016

Morning Coffee

Is everyone disgusted with TV like I am? Cable TV charges continue to climb while the moronic content of the programming increases. Remember when TV was free? All of us have been conned into paying for it since the 1970's when cable TV was introduced. What kind of idiotic system starts with #2 anyway? What happened to #1? Can anyone watch 800 channels of television? Half of them are in Spanish down here in Florida. The home of press #2 for English. How many people out there remember the old Zenith TVs with the four button remote?

If you sat on it by accident you were in for a rude awakening. Maybe Marco Rubio still has one on his couch, who knows. Then we were taken from our comfort zone and given the cable box

A quick way to get a scolding was to zip the channel selector from side to side playing machine gun. The cord usually crossed the floor and ended up as a spaghetti dinner in the vacuum cleaner. It amazes me how many people are addicted to TV as a must have.  Everyone has idiotic friends that watch this shit relentlessly and even the Academy Awards. Our problem in this country is that most people would rather live in the comfort zone of their little TV false reality than deal with real life issues. Pull the plug America and digital detox yourself.

And now we have this:

Beam me up Scotty. All I need is three buttons. One for beer, pizza, and hookers!


Anonymous said...

I have the lowest (Basic) version of cable TV. When I requested it saying I only watch the news for a few minutes a day the company representative entered into a rehearsed diatribe about all the wonderful programs available yada, yada, yada. I let her ramble but held my ground. I get ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX & 3 PBS stations. That's way more than enough and about $60 cheaper than the next level which consists of mostly Se Habla espanol crap.

Oh yea, I use the "power-on/off and station select buttons only. I'm so deaf I set the volume at 100% and it stays there. The mega-button remote sits on top of the TV stand and I walk over occasionally to change the channel. That and lifting my wine glass are about the only exercise I need. Beam me back to Sid Caesar, Milton Berle & Lucille Ball, Scotty!

Unknown said...

btw; old timers called the remote The Clicker. That Zenith unit is an example of a remote that struck a tuning fork with the snapping press of each button. That would strike one of the tuning forks inside which the TV was tuned to respond too.

Upriverdavid said...

With the old slider box, you could open it up and adjust things and get the premium channels..
Don't ask me how I know...