Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Computer Chaos

Well my old lap top was acting up so I broke down and bought a new one at Office Depot last night. The last time I bought a computer Moby Dick was a sardine. I asked the salesman if they sold any lap tops that were vodka resistant? He looked at me with a blank stare so I said never mind kid let's move on. The new machine is an HP Pavilion with Windows 10. It was usually priced at $550 but was on sale for $450. Office Depot will price match any other offer which they did for me @ $399 from Amazon. So I bought the machine for $399 and I went for the extended warranty for 3 years at $180. So with tax it was $625 out the door. Let me tell you why I went for the warranty. The HP's and most all other computers are made in China and not built to last. If you get two years out of them you will be lucky. The motherboard on these computers is located right next to the exhaust cooling fan that blows out the hot air. Planned obsolescence built right in. So here is the deal. If the computer lasts over two years say at about two and a half years I will just bring it back and say that it shuts down after a half hour of use. Bam, new computer. It is not worth repairing a computer with this problem. Besides fuck HP for exporting American jobs overseas and exploiting Chinese slave labor. I wonder if they have suicide netting around their plant like Apple does? Probably looks like yesterdays lo mien hanging all over everything with egg drop tears. I will post a windows 10 review shortly if I do not throw this thing out the window.

The Chief Nose Wetter

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