Thursday, February 11, 2016

Banksters Transforming Baby-Boomers Into Baby-Busters

A Baby-Buster is an asset-stripped Baby-Boomer, Baby-Boomer that becomes “Busted”. Every day there are more and more new Baby-Busters in America that emerge as the US economy sinks lower and lower due to fewer jobs, less income, combined with higher prices.
Those Baby-Boomers who now have great pensions and investment income should enjoy it as much as they can, but also make significant efforts to survive the predicted coming lean times, which many economists predict with be severe.
AIIB Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
These current prosperous Baby-Boomers are likely to see all their prosperity eroded over the next few years as the US Petro Dollar continues to be displaced as the World’s Reserve Currency by the BRICS Nation Development bank and the Chinese AIIB, and others now arising.

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