Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Manufactured Invention of the Beatles, Stones, Grateful Dead and the Birth of Rock n’ Roll by the Tavistock Institute

It was called the “British Invasion” .  The 60’s began a time of “question authority”, grow your hair long, hippies and flower power and morphed in with the Anti War gang of “hell no we won’t go!”
All by design, all by planning to mind control and manipulate what the Baby Boomer (Doomer) generation thought, the language and slang used and the behavior control of the masses.
Yes, it is interesting to note that the Tavistock Institute of Human Relation, as well as, it’s child organization: The Stanford Research Institute, developed The Grateful Dead, among other things.
You can see that Alan Trist, a social engineer for the Tavistock Institute, became the shadow manager of the Dead. His father, Eric Trist, was one of the principle founding members of Tavistock.
It was part of the development of a dynamic psychological warfare model to be used on foreign and domestic populations, modeled, ultimately, on the Lord Gordon Riots in London and the Jacobin Terror of the French Revolution. The purpose was to mobilize mobs in ideological opposition to the state, as a mass destabilization operation. (Source)


skybill said...

You were definitely "Drunk" when you posted this!! Not bad though, I'd like to know what you are drinking!!! My "Jack-n-coke on 5 rocks" may not be strong enough!! You left out the "New riders of the Purple Sage" Then there was Jerry and the guyz...."Can you Pass the Acid Test??" as if that was "controlled" by your people?? Ask Ken Kesey when Vic Lovel asked him to come to the Menlo park veterans admin where they were doing research experiments with Lysergic acid dilethimide 25!! Paying subjects $75.00 to "Drop Acid" and record the results>>>>> Buddy you better get co-ordinated!!Bowie just died, jerry (Garcis) died several years ago!! Who's next??
Lots of holes in the original hypothesis about the "Manufactured inventionof the Beatles, etc..." Oh well, gotta' get a fresh Jack>>>

Anonymous said...

After reading some of this claptrap, I checked to see if the source was Scooter Van Neuter, or maybe The Onion. Nope. Nor was it from the People's Cube.
Commenters at the site appear to be serious, but this may be tongue-in-cheek.
I remain unconvinced.

And how does barry fit in?

=T. Wrangler=