Sunday, January 10, 2016

Obama: You’re a Conspiracy Theorist if You Think He Wants to Confiscate Your Guns

Just days after announcing more executive action on gun control, last night CNN hosted a town hall which featured President Obama answering questions about guns.
This comment from rocketmunkey1 sums it up: “I love it when they pretend to oppose themselves to spark a false debate, it’s like when movies patronize their viewers by spelling out the plot in big capital letters with a contrived conversation between characters. I wonder if his awkward response is part of the script or just the fact he hasn’t got his auto-cue.”
This is definitely a highly publicized puppet show with a purpose…
Yes. The establishment felt the need to go there. Watch this:   CLICK HERE

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Handy N Handsom said...

They don't want our guns?

This is a good compilation of the gungrabber's true intentions:

"It used to be that the gun grabbers desperately attempted to keep a thin veneer of plausible deniability on their ultimate goal of Confiscation. After all, you can't very well sucker people into the government controlling their private property with Intergalactic Background Checks and registration if its known that those are but a pretext for confiscation later on.
But now out of frustration at the lack of "progress" in destroying out rights they have dropped the mask and are now calling for full on repeal of the second amendment, gun bans and outright confiscation. To be sure they still try to pretend this is not the case and hence the reason for this reference piece.
The purpose here is to document the myriad times them have called for gun confiscation so that when they turn around and LIE about it, We have the FACTS to prove they are Lying."