Tuesday, January 5, 2016

NY Round Up Begins

On Sunday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order for law enforcement to force the state's homeless population into shelters when the temperature drops below freezing. 

The order goes into effect on Tuesday, and will allow for individuals to be taken — even against their will — by law enforcement. 

Law enforcement agencies are to take "all necessary steps to identify individuals reasonably believed to be homeless and unwilling or unable to find the shelter necessary for safety and health in inclement winter weather, and move such individuals to the appropriate sheltered facilities." 

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Old 1811 said...

Before about 1971, the NYPD, mainly the 10th Precinct (lower Manhattan/the Bowery) used to routinely pick up homeless people and hold them in jail overnight on freezing nights. The ACLU filed suit, claiming civil rights violations, and the homeless people froze to death. As the cops put it, "We used to be civil rights violators, but now we're murderers."
The homelessness problem spread nationwide in the mid-70s when the mentally ill were deinstitutionalized to save money. Since many if not most homeless people are mentally ill, should their wishes be inviolate?
Just asking.