Friday, January 1, 2016

Chicken Chow Mein

Why do Chinese women.....

Wash their clothes in Tide?

Because it is too cold out tide!

The China-man woke his wife up at 3 am and said how about a little 69?

She said if you think I will make you beef and broccoli at 3 am you are crazy!

I once had oral sex with a Chinese gal. I was hungry a half hour later!

1 comment:

skybill said...

You left out the one about the "Slit" goes "Sideways!!" not "up-n'-down!!!!!!"
Also "77!!" It's like 69 except you get "ate more!!!"
You shoulda' been there,"SE Asia/Indo-Chninese War Games,,,,,,'2nd Place!!"
Got Gunz.....OUTLAW!!!!,