Monday, January 4, 2016

Checking In

2016 is here and thanks to all who stop by my little site. Many of my posts may seem a little odd or strange at times. That is what they are meant to be. I may or may not agree with all that is posted here. The point being is that some of my posts are intended to promote open thought by all of you. Critical thinkers who have rejected the mainstream media and recognize it for what it is LIES! If I do not engage in comments it is due to my busy work schedule. Please do not take it personally. It appears only a small minority value true liberty and freedom in this country. May 2016 bring an awakening to the masses and reverse the stranglehold of statism which grips us all. Is the common man worthy of a Constitutional Republic? Is he or she smart enough and driven enough to ensure it's survival? 2016 should be one hell of a ride.

The Chief Nose Wetter


Red Spur said...

My blog is strange , yours makes perfect since and i always check my blog roll to see if there are any new ones :)

Moe said...

Freedom loving nut job. ---------------->