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Sunday, January 31, 2016

I Am Just Getting Started

I Will Raise You

Eggsposé: Exposing Egg Expiration Dates

Morning Wedgie

Cops For Commies?

Urban Camo

Saturday, January 30, 2016

This little girl cries over Donald Trump

Keys to Restoring Freedom

Understanding the principles upon which our nation was built is necessary for us to fight the current trend toward tyranny that is eroding our freedoms. In order to restore and maintain the system of government America's Founders gave us, we must encourage our educators to teach the principles of freedom.The U.S. Constitution was, at its inception, guided by the principles the Founders set forth in Declaration of Independence. The Constitution stands on the foundational principles of, and is forever wedded to, the Declaration. If we do not remain true to the principles upon which our constitutional Republic was founded, it will not remain but for a few more generations – maybe less.

Why I Don't Eat Mexican

Battle Tested

Too Many Times To Subway......Sleep Fresh

Morning Feast

Friday, January 29, 2016

Exposing the Hidden History of Giants of the Americas

Did Giant humans roam Ancient America in the past? Did the Native American’s have a royal class of giant rulers entombed in massive burial mounds?
The historical record certainly seems to support this reality. Over a two hundred year period, more than 1000 accounts of seven-foot and taller skeletons have been reported unearthed from ancient burial sites in North America. Newspaper accounts, town and county histories, letters, scientific journals, diaries, photos and Smithsonian ethnology reports have carefully documented this. These skeletons have been reported from coast to coast in burial chambers, stone crypts, caves, ancient battlefields and massive mounds. Strange anatomic anomalies such as double rows of teeth, jawbones so large as to be fit over the face of the finder, and elongated skulls, were documented in virtually every state. Smithsonian scientists identified at least 17 skeletons that stood at over seven feet in their annual reports, including one example that was 8 feet tall, and a skull with a 36-inch circumference (an average human skull has a circumference of about 20 inches). The Smithsonian Institution is mentioned dozens more times as the recipient of enormous skeletons from across the United States.

After Listening To The Debates..Same Old Song & Dance...

Feds Crack Down on Survival Preppers

Tonight's Happy Hour Cocktail Special In Flint Michigan

Show Her You Have a Heart On For Her

Reach For The Brass Ring Honey

TGIF In The Groove

The super toxic secret in cigarettes

Morning Wood

For The Captain Up In NJ

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Summing Things Up

NJ Earthquake Update

Numerous social media users are asking whether the continuing tremors shaking parts of New Jersey are the result of an earthquake, or a seismic blast.
By 3 p.m., the U.S. Geological survey had posted on its website that the tremors shaking parts of New Jersey on Thursday afternoon were the result of a probable sonic boom.
The shaking began at about 1:30 p.m. and prompted residents in counties along the shore to ask what had just happened. Several reports came from NJ Advance Media staff members living near the coast.
Now what inside sources have said really happened in NJ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

And 3 years after fattie surgery.......

He fought the slaw and the slaw won!


Sum Yung Gi's Handbook

Nuff Said

Damn....Looks Like a Rolling Creamsicle

Seems Legit

GOP Debate Cold Open - SNL

Morning Riser

Wounded Warrior Project Charity Spending Donations On Lavish Parties At ...

The War on Cash

Corbett Reporteers will be no stranger to the war on cash. I’ve madevideos discussing it, conducted interviews about it, written articlesexamining it and dissected it on the radio.
The war has been waged through mainstream propaganda outletsTV advertisements and even children’s games.
We’ve heard cash is dirtied by drug dealingtarnished by terrorism,tainted by tax evasion (heaven forbid!) and just plain dirty. Not to mention sooooo outdated.
Just this week Norway has jumped aboard the cashless society agenda with DNB, the country’s largest bank, calling for a total end to cash. The story only sounds shocking because people haven’t heard the similar stories from Sweden or Denmark or India or Israelor any of the dozens of other countries whose banksters and (bankster-controlled) governments have openly lusted after a world of completely trackable, completely bank-controlled transactions.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What is Fascism? - Fascism Explained in a Quick Crash Course

The Face of Evil

Time to make the donuts

The Elite Knew Mass Unemployment and Unrest Was Coming A Long Time Ago

Snow Plowing Like a Boss in Boston

Fun For The Whole Family

Bernie Buffoons

Want A Firearm in Lowell Mass? Sharpen Up Your Pencil

A new policy in a Massachusetts town imposes burdensome steps on residents who want to obtain a license to carry a firearm: an essay exam and a $1,100 training seminar.

Pro-firearm supporters in Lowell last Tuesday pleaded with police and city administrators to ease new gun regulations, which among other things now require an essay of anyone applying for an unrestricted firearm license.

“I will never write an essay to get my rights as an American citizen,” resident Dan Gannon reportedly stated at a city council meeting last week, according to The Lowell Sun.

Additionally, those applying for permits must submit documentation, such as a letter of recommendation, a previous gun license or a military or law enforcement ID, and are required to take a firearms training course.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Instrument Of Our Enslavement

If you were wondering how banks got “too big to fail,” here’s a good place to start. This chart shows us how, over the last couple of decades, 37 banks have became just 4 mega-banks. These same 4 mega-banks have, thus far, been immune to the consequences of any and all of their terrible decisions that places the entire world economy in jeopardy.

Jordan Maxwell Your Birth Certificate Is Worth $$$$$

Take Five......Liberty Will Prevail

Water Wars

Across the globe, Nestlé is pushing to privatize and control public water resources.

Nestlé's Chairman of the Board, Peter Brabeck, has explained his philosophy with "The one opinion, which I think is extreme, is represented by the NGOs, who bang on about declaring water a public right. That means as a human being you should have a right to water. That’s an extreme solution."
Since that quote has gotten widespread attention, Brabeck has backtracked, but his company has not. Around the world, Nestlé is bullying communities into giving up control of their water. It's time we took a stand for public water sources.


It Sure Does

After Analyzing Our Presidential Hopefuls

Call In The Landscapers


Define the following:

Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria....

Ships of Christopher Columbus?


They are my landscapers of course....

Nuff Said

Don't Be Hating On Trump Now

Probably Can Eat Corn Through a Picket Fence Too

Monday, January 25, 2016

What Happens In a Fascist Police State During a Snowstorm?

Putin’s Truth, The Ultimate Secret Weapon

Has the Russian Federation discovered the greatest new weapon of covert war ever devised? And is that incredibly effective new weapon which is the deployment of hard core real truth, now rapidly eroding the Khazarian Mafia's World hegemony?


Getting Stoned

Nuff Said

Congratulations! TWINS!

Goodnight Patriots

Saturday, January 23, 2016

My Usual Choice

Back To Sleep America

Natural News

Store shelves are being ransacked across the East Coast today as ignorant consumers stock up on disease-promoting processed foods to wait out the storm.

If you're an American, you can never quite have enough high fructose corn syrup and cancer-causing glyphosate herbicide, right?

Governors of two states have now declared a state of emergency because apparently modern society is so weak and fragile that WEATHER is an emergency everywhere. But a national population of people who are eating themselves to death with cancer and diabetes is apparently no emergency at all.
Outwitting a winter storm by eating yourself into cancer and diabetes is no real victory.

Individualism vs Collectivism....The War Rages On

Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier

Blizzard? What Fucking Blizzard....

Mexican Rush Hour


Hang Tough Northeast

Friday, January 22, 2016