Wednesday, December 2, 2015

France Is Toast

The fact that France has turned into a police state shouldn’t be that surprising to most people. After the terror attack in Paris, their government declared a state of emergency, which may last another three months. As a result, travel has been restricted, there is a heightened police and military presence on the streets, andthousands of raids have been conducted throughout the country in recent weeks.
It doesn’t take a genius to recognize that as a police state. It’s practically a textbook definition. However, there’s more to this state of emergency than heightened security. What France is seeing right now is outright tyranny. The Paris attack was the perfect excuse for their government to transform their society into an open air prison, and there’s no telling what their country will look like when the dust settles.
To put this in perspective for American readers, the events from 11/13 were basically France’s version of 9/11. They’ve crossed the Rubicon. There is now a clear demarcation in their history. Just as we are living in the post 9/11 world with all that entails, France is living in the post 11/13 world. Most of their citizens don’t know it yet, but many of rights they have lost during this state of emergency are not going to come back in the foreseeable future.\

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