Sunday, December 6, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: 2nd Angle - Miami Beach Police Gun Down Man Blocks from Art B...


Sarthurk said...

Who gives a shit. He's white!

Phil said...

Flat fucking murder.

Anonymous said...

Even the Liberal MSM is saying the career criminal was using a straight-edge razor and slashing at the officers after he robbed a bank.

If I were one of the officers I would have done the same as they did. Emptied my magazine into the perp's torso. Of course, the MSM and other Liberal sources failed to mention the razor and portrayed this as an execution...At the very least it was suicide by cop.

B said...

THey had him at bay, When officer SuzieQ fired the Tazer, the other officer fired his Patrol Rifle.

If they thought he had a Bomb, why were they standing so close?

Now, having said all that, Dude did it to himself. Suicide by cop....Claim you have a bomb, act crazy while holding a straight razor after trying to rob a bank?

Only one way out of that without getting perforated. Lay down on the ground and out your hands behind your head or out to the sides and wait for the cuffs.

Can't say it was a good shoot, but cannot blame the officers either.

Dan said...

Toejam doesn't understand the law...and appears not to care. Toejam is either a bootlicker or a badgemonkey.

LEO are not given guns to 'kill people'. They are allowed to carry guns for the EXACT SAME REASON everyone else can have a gun, to defend themselves and others from
the IMMINENT and CREDIBLE risk of death or severe injury. NOT to 'put down' an uncooperative person. If possession of the razor justified killing the man then that justification existed much earlier in the video. In reality the man posed a
POTENTIAL risk....but with multiple officers all of whom were pointing guns at him that risk was not IMMINENT. The officers present were STUPID. They did should have maintained adequate distance and kept vehicles between themselves and the suspect. They did not....they were LOOKING for an excuse to kill. And when the badgemonkey on the far side of one vehicle fired his Taser the one with the rifle reacted virtually INSTANTLY by firing his rifle...and then as the suspect was falling backwards FIRED AGAIN even though he was NO LONGER A THREAT.

This is almost certainly an instance of 'sympathetic reaction' where the sound of the Taser being fired made RifleBoy pull the trigger reflexively...and then again

NO....this is a clear cut case of State Sanctioned Murder. It's not the job of the thugs pinned to badges to mete out justice because this man may have been a bank robber and because he was holding a weapon that was ONLY a threat if they chose not to keep their distance.