Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The American Spirit

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Doom said...

Not really charity, but... They don't all need it, might not have wanted for all I know. There are four families who have been kind, not just to me. I purchased a goose for each of those families this year. In part to support families, in part as a thanks for good deeds. Next year I hope to hand out ducks to another set of families. No, I don't ask for any of it, even... as things are. Though I am curious if they enjoyed. Most people have never had a goose! Too big for me to eat. Though duck is possible.

Next year, though, I am aiming for a few specific charity cases with ducks. Bigger family? More ducks. :) Or toss in a ham to offer variety. Never been a scrooge type, still, going the extra mile to prove it isn't bad. Or... is that proving the point! I don't think I will stop with Thanksgiving/Christmas. I might try to do something on Easter, if more for charity. I did a pork roast last year, as a general thanks for the community. They help me often. Good to give back.