Sunday, November 8, 2015

Banned TED Talk: Nick Hanauer "Rich people don't create jobs"

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Doom said...

He is missing, and I think purposefully, many of the points. Not only has the government been giving tax breaks to the wealthy, they have been targeted in a very bad way. And, that, while increasing taxes on corporations to make up for it (which turns out to be more and hidden taxes on the rest of us (the former middle class)). The government has been choosing, and poorly, who wins and loses, and bailing out those who should have lost and gone bankrupt!

It is the government, true, but has very little to do with it just giving out tax breaks, and this wienie should know that. Most likely he does, but he is for Dems in office because they will continue to bail him out, it seems, or simply keep him in phat loot. The ultra-rich prefer Dems, because they do exactly what I suggest and much worse. While Republicans aren't much better, they often either throttle government a bit or at least pick winners to back. (I did quit the Republican party, and long ago, mind you, and am not allied with them either. They are pretty weak at best.)

This guy is a liar and one of those types of people we have to watch for. Buy his tainted ideology if you wish. I refuse to drink that poison.