Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Any Way You Slice It

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Head Weirdo said...

Uh... no, they weren't. Such ignorance of such recent and such important history is deplorable and inexcusable. The Nazis stood in almost fanatical and very vocal opposition to practically every leftist, socialist ideal there is. The Nazis were far-right, corporatist Fascists.

The Nazis didn't just outlaw organized labour, they rounded up and murdered union leaders. And, when the labour unions were gone, they formed the German Labour Front, which handed authoritarian rule over Germany's workforce to private, corporate powers. They privatized all of Germany's state arsenals, railways, state banks, and industries, and their internal literature was ripe with plans to privatize just about every other state-run interest once the war was over. But, they never -- ever -- not even once -- nationalized ANY industry. They shrunk the Weimar's public health-care program and called for it to be eliminated entirely and replaced with a completely privatized system once the war was over.

They never collectivized ANYTHING -- EVER. The primary, foundational principle of socialism is a collectivization of the means of production of the national labour force -- the Nazis never made any move to even attempt to do this -- not in ANY measure whatsoever. They never even hinted at any desire to ever do this.

The Nazis murdered people, like the Strassers, for the crime of just sounding too leftist. They came to power in 1933 in a coalition with ALL of Germany's other Right-Wing parties. And, EVERY SINGLE ONE of the pre-Nazi politicals imprisoned in Dachu when the Nazis gained power were leftists. Internal Nazi documents are clear that their invasion of Russia was spurred by a fanatical opposition to socialist ideals.

And on, and on, and on...