Friday, October 2, 2015

Tonight's Survey

Which state is the most communist in the Republic?

1) New York
2) Connecticut
3) New Jersey
4) Massachusetts
5) Rhode Island
6) Maryland
7) California
8) Oregon
9) Washington
10) Illinois
11) Hawaii
12) Vermont

Leave a comment with your vote.

It may be a 12 way tie....who knows?

Vermont and Hawaii have also been added.


Anonymous said...

Sorry guys,you forgot the "Kingdom of Hawaii". We're right up there. We just have beter weather.

Gerald said...

4 or maybe 1

Brian said...

Washington. Those fuckers are refined statists. They pass a law for everything.

Doom said...

It's a toss-up between 7) Cali and 1) New York. Or more a race. Illinois just doesn't have the... gravitas to compete. I'm not sure which is in the lead to the bottom, so will add to whichever the others count as highest... or lowest/worst.

Dav343 said...

I gotta go with "Tie'. Each in it's own way is the most Communist Tyrannical State.

Glenn Hogg said...

Taxachussets, hands down.

WSilentThree said...

You forgot the Peoples Republic of Vermont. Right up there with all 10!

Leigh in Whitehall said...

The Peoples Republik of NewYorkistan....
just because I don't want Commie-fornia winning anything!

Whitehall, NY

Anonymous said...


Handsom n Handy said...

You left out Maine.
Massholes have inundated our southern counties and turned them into their own socialist paradise.