Friday, October 9, 2015

Putin Has Been Exposing The U.S. Battle Plans Against ISIS In Syria As A Complete And Total Fraud

The Obama Administration, and those who control it from within the World Shadow Government, have suffered the greatest embarrassment in modern military history. Russia’s entry into the Syrian theatre of war completely exposed the U.S. military’s fraudulent non-attacks on ISIS, ISIL, IS, etc.  The French have also NOT been conducting any serious airstrikes against real ISIS positions.  In fact the whole coalition is a complete sham and was only created to depose President Bashar al-Assad in order to unlawfully replace his legitimate government.
President Vladimir Putin accomplished in 72 hours what the US-led coalition could not achieve in a year of coordinated airstrikes against ISIS & ISIL, aka Fric and Frac.  The revelation of the United States’ obviously fake war on terrorist groups inside Syria had to be covered up.  It is in times like these that Washington has employed false flag operations and mass shootings in order to distract the American people and divert their attention.  The sheer embarrassment that they have suffered at the hands of Putin is simply too much for them to bear.  Such shocking revelations about coalition duplicity will also doom their agenda toward the creation of Greater Israel.

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