Monday, September 7, 2015

Who Doesn't Like Star Wars

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Doom said...

I honestly didn't like Star Wars. I eventually watched the various movies as a social gesture. I didn't watch the first of them until.... '85? Something like that. I ended up watching the rest of them, that were out, by the end of '86. I just wasn't interested. And, having watched them, I think of them as children level plots and stories. And watered down, for the most part, at that. I prefer the old German children's stories if I must go that way, and some other fold lore from many cultures. Read a Grimm brothers story or three, before they psychically pasteurized them into fluff. Compare, contrast. Grimm brothers wins hands down.

However, if this is an indication of where Star Wars is going, I might just have to watch all on my own.