Sunday, September 13, 2015

JFK: Back and To The Left

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Doom said...

Hmm? From what I can see of the Dem party, this should have been done to many of their members. They are hatefully anti-American, boo God, push murdering unborn children (and maybe on to children up to several years old if they had their way), ghoulish sobs that have ever lived. Even our international enemies don't dig that deep. So, one being shot, for God only knows what? Don't care. I just hope, whatever power or powers, if most likely it truly was just Oswald in a leftist biting the hand that feeds thing, get back into play and remove more of these cocksucking communist bastards. The reason they can't abide it being Oswald, and keep pushing the conspiracy theory, is because they can't handle their faces in the mirror. Think about it, who has ever been politically murderous? Only socialists and communists. Why wouldn't it have been Oswald. Real powers can negotiate, or outright shove, and get their way. No need to murder whatsoever. It's only those who feel that they are powerless and right! who murder in such ways.