Monday, September 7, 2015

Burning Man...Cult For The Clueless

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Doom said...

No difficulty with that. I have been there once, and to another sort of event like it. Then again, there is Sturgis, Every football, baseball, soccer, and other "sporting" events. Toss in Hollywood, cult of personality politics, and the rest. To be honest, if more people got off their hump, and camped in the desert in very trying conditions, life might actually smooth out. I don't agree with most people there. And yet, I have shared a meal, or some booze, chat and real talk, with a lot of folk there.

I am actually hoping to go back again. Not sure I will get to, they are just as prejudiced and afraid as churches, just on the other side. Me, right in the middle, as usual. If not, fuck em'. If so, cool. Assuming health, money, and access... and that the state doesn't wrongly take my drivers license... as I said, prejudice on every side.