Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Laws Are For The Peasants

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Doom said...

Oh, she has a point. I just think she didn't understand that while Billy and Zero are being given political elite get out of jail cards, she isn't in that particular old boys' club. I am starting to wonder if the only powerful lesbian to fill her loneliness is going to be the great big butch working the swing shift at some federal pen. Zero hates her, he's muslim and she is both a woman and a dog. Bill hates her the way any skirt chaser hates a ball and chain. I think she is about to be politically Lewinsky'ed. And, no, I don't want it on pay-per-view. I'm getting as much of it, in bits, from here as I need.

God loves a woman in a pantsuit getting spanked. One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three... Oh listen to the whaling. Or is that whailing? *grins* Bill and Zero aren't good for much but I think they are good for this.