Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Common Core...Going Out The Door

Less than half of Americans (49 percent) and only 40 percent of teachers now say they support Common Core State Standards (CCSS).
Public support has dropped 16 percent since 2013, when 65 percent of Americans were in favor of the Common Core standards, according to the ninth annualEducation Next poll released Tuesday.
But the greatest change in opinion has been among teachers.
In 2013, 76 percent of teachers said they were in favor of the Common Core. In the new survey, only 40 percent say the favor Common Core–representing a 36-point drop in two years.

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t-bone said...

I teach high school science and I can tell you that the CC curriculum is the worst thing I have seen in almost 30 years of teaching. The approach is exactly backwards. After you learn how to do something really well, you figure out shortcuts with practice. For example, if I want to multiply 19 times 7, I multiply 20 by 7 and easily get 140, then subtract that extra 7 to get 133. So 19 x 7 = 133, the same answer if I did it longhand. It's a cool little trick, but every problem should not be done this way; it becomes too complicated, and longhand always works. But in CC, they teach all the shortcuts without laying the foundations first. So little kids are taught to multiply 476 by 20 by multiplying 500 by 20, then subtract 20 times 30 times 20 (to get from 500 to 470) then add 6 x 20 (to get to 476). Instead of learning the basic processes and drilling them, the kids are asked to learn a multitude of fancy shortcuts. Same error in thinking that prompted the Whole Language approach to reading in the early '90s.