Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Brainwashed Americans


Doom said...

Hmm? I'm not even on Trump's side, but I'm calling bullshit! If Trump makes it through the b.s., and really seems intent, I might even vote for him. Mind you, a vote for him is not actually a vote for him. As I mentioned, I am not on his side. If I vote for him it will be a vote against the establishment. Then again, I don't think he is serious and I don't think, even if he was and then went for it, that he would be allowed to make it, at some point in the process, he would be screwed out of it (or they would own him, somehow, leash him).

Believe as you like. Essentially I am suggesting that Trump might be right because he is the only one who isn't a politician. And... if he wins, he will become a politician, a novice at that. Still, better to vote "nobody", but with a capital 'N', or 'T' in this case.

Dano said...

Change the caption to: "Praise Allah for Barack Obama!" Libtard's!