Friday, June 26, 2015

Tracking Device In Samsung Phone Battey


B said...

More likely a wireless charger.

See also "qi" chargers

I have one for my s5.

Jive Talkin Tool said...

Not at all a tracking device--that is an antennae extension for NFC; all that person did was disrupt/disable their device's ability to communicate using the NFC function. Look into it. The tracking chips are in the motherboard of the mobile device.

Anonymous said...

In a phone that is an ALWAYS-ON tracking device, just because of the way Cell phones work, why would anyone put another "tracking device" in the battery? If you don't want to be tracked, live in the woods with no electricity and cover yourself in cool mud (because IR tracking).

personally, I also thought this was a charger. But I have that same model phone and had to buy a QI charger separately.