Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Genius of Michael Tsarion


Red Spur said...

Good video , too bad it abruptly ends without ending it's self.

Doom said...

Cool, until the notion of man becoming God. Not here, not now. Only then, and only those who choose the path to it. This is merely the choosing ground. Man are indeed the children of God, but not God. And not inheritors until they choose it. They won't win, on earth. Something about... hmm... choosing where to get your reward.

Your stuff is often so close, but so secular. Fail. I used to be you. You may not live long enough, or be what I was, or receive the call. But I will pray. If the damned can be called, and then find wisdom, all have some hope. Bastard, you say? Yeah, true, in more ways than you can even dream. Of sex, of nations, of spirit versus soul, of living and dead, immortal and dying... and more. Trust or not. Just telling you as I see.