Monday, June 29, 2015

American Exceptionalism


Doom said...

Meh. It exists. They just aren't hungry enough. When the world economy dies from shame, and people have to figure out how to simply get food and clean water, you will be damned grateful you live here and not... almost anywhere. Sure, there will be some shits in the soup. But beyond having a fairly good nature (excluding elites), a fairly broad ability to make things work, a general family, work, social, and faith ethic, us "peasants" are also rather well armed. Shits will be flushed, and at that time, any politicians, cops, bureaucrats, and others, who wish to staple themselves to the shits.

Fatboy has a chance. At least he can read. He has know a good life and will dearly want to get back to it. And if he can't, and goes bad, that will be dealt with as well. His, and many Americans' problem, is that they think they can fix the world. They can't. They need to focus on fixing themselves, which they also can't do. That leads to one of to places. Being flushed, or kneeling and living a life of dealing with their faults and failures as best they can.

All good. Ah... Looks like the bus is just about here. Right... on... tick-tock.

Doom said...
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Anonymous said...

Nailed it.