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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pray For An Accident

How to See Without Glasses

Hump Day Sarcasm

Just Thinking.....

"This is the tendency of all human governments. A departure from principle becomes a precedent for a second; that second for a third; and so on, till the bulk of society is reduced to mere automatons of misery, to have no sensibilities left but for sinning and suffering... And the fore horse of this frightful team is public debt. Taxation follows that, and in its train wretchedness and oppression."Thomas Jefferson

Now I Know How These Things Are Delivered


Sign Of The Times

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

C'mon Man...Big Girls Need Lovin' Too

That's Right.. Be A Rebel

You Aint Kidding

Alligator Prank Gone Wrong (+playlist)

Raising Up Compliant Children In The American Police State

How do you persuade a nation of relatively freedom-loving individuals to march in lock step with a police state? You start by convincing them that they're in danger, and only the government can protect them. Keep them keyed up with constant danger alerts, and the occasional terrorist incident, whether real or staged. 

Distract them with wall-to-wall news coverage about sinking ships, disappearing planes and pseudo-celebrities spouting racist diatribes. Use blockbuster movies, reality shows and violent video games to hype them up on military tactics, and then while they're distracted and numb to all that is taking place around them, indoctrinate their young people to your way of thinking, relying primarily on the public schools and popular culture. 

After all, public education the world over has always been the vehicle for statist propaganda of one sort or another, whether it's religion, militarism, democracy or totalitarianism, and America is no exception. In fact, today's public schools, far from being bastions of free speech, are merely microcosms of the world beyond the schoolhouse gates, and increasingly, it's a world hostile to freedom. FULL ARTICLE

Three Pages Max & Hold The Bacon

A Flashback To My Youth

How To Handle Corrupt Politicians

Donald Sterling's New Clipper Jerseys?

Monday, April 28, 2014

How Liberals React To Entitlements

Pour Yourself A Mid-Day Cold One!

One for the hard working LEOs of Hunterdon County!

Looks Like Reinforcements Have Arrived At The Bundy Ranch

Mayflower Tornado 2014: BIGGEST Mayflower Tornado, 27 April 2014


You Aint Kidding

Sunday, April 27, 2014

I Can't Look Either Bud

Too Late Now.....

BUSTED Pilot Forgets To Turn Off CHEMTRAILS while landing

Chemtrails...Fact or fiction?

Washington DC Thugs Have Already Crossed the Rubicon

One of the key underlying postulates of overseas wars has been somewhat lost on many Americans who have been conditioned through top-down political and mass media narratives over the years, to only see geopolitical and military events in binary form –freedom vs fascism, good vs evil, capitalism vs communist, and west vs east. The concept not mentioned in that list has been fundamental throughout history, and it is as follows: what is endorsed overseas will eventually come home to roost.

Think about it. The decades-long phase we’ve all witnessed – of the United States Federal Government’s hyper-militarization overseas is already firmly planted on US soil. 

Think about how much money and resources were spent by the US Federal government in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iran, Egypt and now in the Ukraine, on 1) intelligence gathering, and 2) counterintelligence, and 3) social and political subversion, 4) intentional destabilization, or 5) an end-run hostile takeover of government, and 6) the installation of a puppet regime . You have to ask yourself whether or not they can, or have already, deployed these same measures here in the United States. At the very least, we already know for certain that the US Federal government has already done the first three things in that list.  MORE

At $4 A Cup It Does


The sucker foot bat:

The red-winged bat:

The wrinkled nose bat:

And finally the left winged ding bat:

The Poop Police

Time For A Cold One

Like He Wasn't A Big Enough Of A Hard On Already

Unlocking a car with your Brain

Squirrels In Chicago

Some Days Are Like That

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Police Recruitment Video Shows Cops in Military-Style Ghillie Suits

Good Night

A Tribute To Back Boobs

Senator Harry Reid’s BLM Land Scams, Bribes, Mafia Links and Bloodlines

This is way more than a grievance about unpaid ‘grazing fees’, as Senator Harry Reid’s involvement with BLM is evidence of how Agenda 21-led policies are rapidly seeping out of the Capitol Hill swamp.
Liberal oriented media, along with their neo-conservative counterparts on the right, are once again reading from the same page and conveniently over concerned with Cliven Bundy’salleged ‘racist’ comments than they are about Americans’ having the ability to retain their inherent constitutional rights as a whole. 

The ‘race storm’ media buzz turned out to be a well-crafted hoax, engineered by left-wing Media Matters and the New York Times, and a deliberate attempt to divert the public’s attention away from the obvious federal government despotism on display two weeks ago in Bunkerville, Nevada – the latest federal power grab in a frightening trend which is presently overrunning the United States today.


Liberty Defined

Las Vegas

I Haven't Changed


Now We're Talking

America Is Being Conquered Through the Corporate Control of Water

There is presently a three pronged globalist plot designed to subjugate the people of this country. These three elements include: (1) controlling the nations water supplies by creating massive debt forcing governments to relinquish control over its water supplies; (2) private individuals and corporations are acquiring and hording massive amounts of water; and, (3) the Environmental Protection Agency is presently engaged in activities, on behalf of the UN’s Agenda 21 policies, to use the control of water to also control food production and eliminate private property ownership.

The Path to American Totalitarianism

If a totalitarian government desired to control the people of the United States, garrisoning the country with an army of occupation would be extremely difficult, if not impossible. The United States has 315 million people which own 300+ million plus handguns and the country occupies a good portion of a continent. These are daunting challenges to occupying the United States.
Most military strategists will tell you that it takes about one soldier for every 50 citizens to effectively garrison a country. This means that an army which would effectively garrison this country would have to be over six million strong! Even for the Chinese, this would be a difficult task. There are simpler and more efficient ways to control a country than military occupation.

Psychiatrists Say Non-conformity Is Mental Illness: Only The Sheeple Are 'Sane'

Modern psychiatry has become a hotbed of corruption, particularly the kind that seeks to demonize and declare mentally ill anyone who deviates from what is regarded as the norm. This is abundantly evident in the latest installment of the industry's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM, which dubs people who do not conform to what those in charge declare to be normal as mentally insane.

The so-called "condition" for why a person might choose to resist conformity has been labeled by the psychiatric profession as "oppositional defiant disorder," or ODD. The new DSM defines this made-up disease as an "ongoing pattern of disobedient, hostile and defiant behavior," and also lumps it in alongside attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, another made-up condition whose creator, Dr. Leon Eisenberg, admitted it to be phony on his death bed.

As you might suspect from this type of open-ended description, almost any personal behavior perceived by someone else to be undesirable or strange might be categorized as symptomatic of ODD. Children who throw temper tantrums or fight with their siblings, for instance, might be declared to have this supposed mental illness, as might children who express disagreement with their parents or teachers.


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Friday, April 25, 2014