Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Women In Combat


The most decorated living U.S. military man, Gen. Patrick Henry Brady, not only says putting women in direct combat won’t work – he bluntly states “women pose an insane burden on readiness.” He cites a slew of insurmountable battlefield problems, from the physical to the psychological, in an exclusive WND column today.
In his 34 years of service, Brady found that women had fewer disciplinary problems than men, “but could not carry their load physically – loading litters in choppers, carrying wounded to safety, even lifting tool chests.” He says that left men to cover for them, “often causing us to use two people when one should have done the job – all of which affected readiness.” The general also found women ineffective in the field due to such problems as feminine hygiene, pregnancy, sexual distractions, favoritisms, fraternization and assault.
But Brady sees another big hurdle to women in combat. They’re not designed to kill. “And they will not be good at it,” he says. “God designed them to produce life and nurture it, not destroy it. They don’t belong in the trenches of the NFL or in the octagon in Ultimate Fighting; combat is the ultimate Ultimate Fighting – and they don’t belong there, either.”



Anonymous said...

I don't think women should be in combat but not for these lame reasons. Women are being raped and sexually assaulted by US troops at a rate of 50 a day and those are DoD numbers. The marines have lowered standards for men and take anyone including druggies with records. They can't even get guys into special ops (marsoc) because they can't cut it so they have to train them for it.

Women can do what men can do and are stronger than given credit for, and can kill, but I still don't think we should be in combat because the men can't be trusted.

Anonymous said...

All excellent reasons that women shouldn't be in combat. Of course, the libtards will disagree - as the one above proves.

If they can't defend themselves against being raped by their fellow soldiers, how are they supposed to be able to defend our country against the enemy? I think the above post, proves the reason why women shouldn't be in combat quite succinctly... They cannot even defend themselves...