Monday, October 29, 2012


Well, the winds are picking up and so is the rain. The storm is heading straight into Little Egg Harbor and will make landfall about 6 pm packing 90 mph winds. Just north of Atlantic City. Tonight will be the big blow with lots of rain. Power outage is likely with no blogging a good bet. Generators and gas are prepped and readied along with an iced down 30 pack. I still see a couple lights on downtown at the Chief Nose Wetter's drinking holes. Humm...WTF........stepping out for a few vodka clubs. Dirty Jersey needed a good wash down anyway. Good luck to all on the east coast and hope to be back soon!


PISSED said...

Hope all is well down there CNW.

Anonymous said...

Yo, Ho's Netter, a 30-pack doesn't last this long. Time to surface, big dog, we need you.

Srsly, hope you and yours are safe and well.