Monday, August 27, 2012

Your Rights Are Being Intentionally Watered Down

Communitarianism. For most Americans it’s an ideology that’s unfamiliar. However, to fundamentally grasp this nascent political canon, one needs to visualize it as a fusion between the core principles found in republicanism (the rule of law) and communism (autocratic, classless governance).
It was Georg Hegel, the 19th century German philosopher, who brought communitarianism to fruition. Hegel revolutionized the Socratic method (thesis, antithesis and synthesis) by eliminating truth as a beginning point in philosophical debate. To Hegel, truth was found in synthesis alone. In what he coined the “moral whole.”
Moreover, by adapting Hegel’s new philosophical concept to a political doctrine, communitarianism, a means was developed that allowed an elite minority to continue their socioeconomic dominance through a system of blended statecraft that was devoid of absolutes.

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