Friday, August 31, 2012

Latest Drone

- Speed: 45mph to 55mph depending on equipment
- Equipped with FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared)
- 3 additional directional cameras
- Range: Up to 100 mile command center control range. Operational from tactical command center or field remote.
- 2 Wheel Drive
- 4 Wheel Drive
- Quad-track (“Tank Tread”) option for extreme terrain
Guns / Weaponry: Electronically Operated
- Custom Belt Fed 12 gauge shot guns (2); 250 rpm each
- Explosive / Armor piercing / Multiple load rounds
- Ortho-chlorobenzal malononitrile CS Gas enabled
- Oleoresin capiscum OC Gas enabled
- Capable of deploying heavy concealment smoke in seconds
- Operator controlled self destruct if Wraith is ever captured by enemy forces

Looks like a hell of an addition to the Sunday barbeque!

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