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Friday, August 31, 2012

Is Facebook The Dept Of PreCrime?

The point I want you to get is that Facebook is the Department of PreCrime. Everything you do there (or your friends, family or co-workers do there) is monitored and may be taken as a valid reason for armed men to grab you and lock you up.
In order to respond within in a day or two of a post, an entire infrastructure, including both computing power and manpower, had to be in place. The overseers are not going to abandon this infrastructure.

Some of us have warned about this previously, but this is the first time the results have been seen in public.

There is one fact that I left out above: Brandon was NOT taken to a jail – he was taken to a mental hospital. That is also a big deal. Forced committal is a very nasty tactic that was used regularly in the USSR and the other communist slave states. By declaring someone who opposes the state insane, you can disappear them, while assuring the want-to-believe public that you are benevolent and just.

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